Quiet Tesla helps video game developers hear pure road noise

By | November 19, 2009

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Tesla Road Noise Test

Why does this Tesla have big fuzzy mics on it?

Lets start by looking at video games for the answer. After Forza 3 was recently released most people concentrated on the intense, lifelike graphics or the unique style in which every car realistically drove. But few people recognize the importance that sound effects played in the overall gaming experience. If you run into a wall, it’s assumed you’ll hear a crash sound. Replace a crash soundbyte with some completely foreign and unrelated sound- say Spongebob laughing- and the game changes drastically.

The problem for developers has always been those pesky, loud engines. See, sounds like road noise and tire squeal have always remained somewhat of a mystery concerning their raw sound and could never be properly recorded. The roar of an car’s engine has always conflicted with recording, skewing results in the end.

So you can imagine the level 70 excitement that was reached when Microsoft video game developers were given a quiet, electric powered Tesla roadster to hook recording gear on and take around a track. Finally, road noise could be recorded without the interference of an annoying gasoline explosion.

The results will surly be interesting…as interesting as ambient road noise can get…and who knows- it may even be drastically different. I just know that if this is the type of research Microsoft is putting into their games, Forza 4 will eliminate any need for me to ever buy a real car.

Tesla Road Noise Test[via CrunchGear]

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