Racing Blip: 2013 Grand Prix of Baltimore presented by SRT

By | August 31, 2013

#55 Team RLL BMW Z4 GTE

#55 Team RLL BMW Z4 GTE

The American Le Mans Series makes a stop on the streets of the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore, Maryland for the Grand Prix of Baltimore. For those keeping track, this is the 2nd street course that ALMS runs on this season. First being the streets of Long Beach.

While the Grand Prix of Baltimore doesn’t have the same panache/history as Long Beach. For such a young track, it is quickly getting a name for itself. Mostly for the front straight quick chicane. Can we say “flying cars”??

Because this is a street race, with no run off areas, expect lots of carnage. Especially at the beginning of the race with all the cars racing into turn number one.

What to watch for:

P1 – Welcome back Chris Dyson and Guy Smith! Whilst out of the championship contention, the main drivers of Dyson Racing are back. Why? Could it be that they won Baltimore the last two years and wanted to be a thorn in the side of Muscle Milk Racing and prevent them from an outright championship win? Dunno. BUT, it’s welcomed competition to the continued dominance of Muscle Milk. And no, still no Rebellion Racing, nor the DeltaWing.

P2 – In a very strange move that my overshadow the race, Guy Cosmo has left ESM, his team of 3+ years. Now it is rather odd for a driver to leave a team towards the end of the season. But with a “life-is-stranger-then-fiction” twist to this, Guy Cosmo is now racing for Level 5 Motorsports. The same Level 5 that punted Guy Cosmo off the track a few weeks back to prevent a 2nd place finish. I expect a slew of lead changes between ESM and Level 5, with ESM having the edge.

GT – HELLO BMW! HELLO Bill Auberlen! This is the first pole position for Bill “Mr. BMW” Auberlen of this 2013 ALMS season. He did it in the Team RLL #55 BMW Z4 GTE. His teammate, and DTM runner, Joey Hand qualified 2nd. To give you an idea of how close this class is, less then 0.6 seconds separate first from fifth! Expect Corvette and Porsche to be right on the heels of Auberlen and Hand. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the previous GT winner of this race, the #17 Team Falken Porsche, has a few surprises up it’s sleeve!

How to watch:

Point your browser to or fire up the ‘ol Xbox + ESPN app for the live HD stream starting at 3:30pm EDT on Saturday, August 31st.

For those favoring the linear broadcast world, it’ll be tape delayed on Sunday, Sept. 1st, 12pm EDT on ABC.

The ever so handy, Spotters Guide.

[photo | Mike Gillilan]

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