Racing Blip: 2013 Oak Tree Grand Prix at VIR

By | October 5, 2013

No. 16 Dyson Racing

No. 16 Dyson Racing

Well, it’s coming down to this, 2nd to last race for the 2013 ALMS season and 2nd to last race of the American Le Mans Series, as a series. After today, one more race and we can say “goodbye” to this iteration of endurance racing in America.

Now, that’s not to say everyone is just sort of “racing around” for fun. With a new series next year – Tudor United Sports Car Championship – and add in the fact that it’s contract time, everyone is trying to shine and show off their skills. In other words, jobs are on the line!

This round is being held at VIR – Virginia International Raceway. A track built in the late 50′s and has seen it’s share of famous and infamous racers through out it’s history. It’s also known for it’s infamous “Oak Tree”, which, unfortunately, fell over this earlier in year.

What to expect from today’s race:

In P1: Whoa, Dyson Racing took pole??! In a bit of a reversal of fate, Muscle Milk seems to be struggling this weekend. Speed just wasn’t there for the Muscle Milk team. Guy Smith and Dyson Racing rightfully took advantage of it. So, will Muscle Milk find their speed? Will Guy Smith provide some REAL competition for Muscle Milk?

In GT: Qualifying was cut short because of Risi Competizione‘s No. 62 Ferrari spewed a stream of of oil throughout a good portion of the track. At the end, the #55 BMW Z4 GTE with driver Maxime Martin, took pole. How’s that for this being Maxime’sĀ first time at the track? The race should be intense. The BMWs, Porsches, and Ferraris seem to do a bit better on tracks that are more “twisty-turny” then tracks with lots of straights where the Corvettes and Vipers tend to dominate.

How to watch today’s race?

For those wanting to stream the race live, Fire up your Xbox360+ESPN app, or head over to, or for the our international fans, head on over to Streaming starts at 2pm EDT with the race starting at 2:15pm EDT.

For those wanting to watch it in linear form have to wait until tomorrow, Oct. 6th, at 5:30pm EDT on ESPN2

As always, the every handy spotters guide.

[photo | mike gillilan]

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