Racing Blip: American Le Mans Series at Laguna Seca

By | May 12, 2012

Muscle Milk Pickett Racing qualifies for first overall at Laguna Seca

Time to fire up that xbox360, laptop, or wait for the cable rebroadcast of the 6 hours of American Le Mans Monterey Presented by Patrón

This is the 2nd, and last stop, for ALMS on the west coast. Something interesting tidbits going into the race on Saturday.

* Aston Martin took pole, in GT, during qualifying. Very nice to see them perform so well, so quickly.

* Muscle Milk Pickett Racing sits on pole in P1, a first for them. Klaus Graf laid down a blistering 1:13.573 qualifying time one the 2.238 mile course.

* RSR landed a pole in their class of PC. Perhaps the jump from the GT Jaguars to Oreca FLM09 was a good move for them.

* Green Hornet Racing took their pole in the GTC class. Another strong outing from them.

What to watch for:

* As always, the GT battle. With Aston Martin Racing taking a pole, there’s a BIG ‘ol bullseye on them. The Flying Lizards need a solid outing. And let’s hope the development of Lotus Evora continues at a solid pace.

* In P1, the the back and fourth of Muscle Milk Picket Racing and Dyson Racing. If you recall, Muscle Milk dumped their V12 Aston Martin powered P1 machine from last year to a new Acura/HPD ARX-03a. Acura/HPD P1 and P2 cars have historically done well at Laguna. Dyson has continued development with their Lola / Mazda turbo charged engine. If Muscle Milk doesn’t “run off with it at the start”, expect some solid racing between the two teams.

* In P2, the entrance of a new P2 competitor, Dempsey Racing. Yes, THAT Patrick Dempsey…and a welcome one at that. Since this is a new car – they were just putting on the livery as of Thursday – don’t expect a podium from them. They need some time to develop it a bit more. And yes, Patrick Dempsey is racing it, as well as Joe Foster, and from the UK, Johnny Cocker. Expect the 055 Level 5 Motorsports car to win. They’ve been solid all week.

You can catch the live HD stream of all 6 hours on / xbox live / starting at 4:15pm EDT today. Or the ESPN2 rebroadcast on Sunday, starting at 5pm EDT.

And if you need a refresher on the various ways to watch an ALMS race, do the clicky thing here.

[photo: Mike Gillilan]

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