Rent A Bugatti Veyron Today…. For A Mere $25,000

By | February 1, 2011

Bugatti Veyron RentalThe Bugatti Veyron has got the most of everything. The most speed at 267 mph (the SuperSport that is). The most numbers on a pricetag at $2.4 million. It’s even got the most expensive tires, coming in at a shocking $42,000 for a set of four!

So you’d imagine that the price to rent one of these for one day would be astronomical, right? Um yes, very right. Very right as in $25,000 for just one day’s use. $25,000!!

The company who is risking putting this Veyron in the hands of wannabe Simon Cowells is Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car from Beverly Hills, California (really, where else?). As an exotic rental company, they of course had a wide selection  of other supercars including the new the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Mercedes SLS AMG. For comparison purposes, we looked at the price to rent those for a day next to the Veyron’s $25,000. Both came in at a very small fraction of the price, with $2,299 for the Ferrari and $1,499 for the Merc.

Besides the rental price of the Veyron, you’d probably end the day with a gas bill of about the same magnitude. Would you rent a Bugatti Veyron for $25,000?

Car List[Chad Waite, H/T to Eran B]


Kirill Yelkin on February 5, 2011 at 1:48 am.

wow 25000 / day. That’s a hefty price tag… One of these times you guys should cover this place out in vegas. they let you take ferraris and lambos onto an open track

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