Rumor Time! Next Gen GT-R Will Crank Out 570 Horsepower, Be Eco Friendly….er

By | September 26, 2011

2012 Nissan GT-R

Oh the Nissan GT-R. The fantastically insane vehicle that performs like a supercar but is so well priced that even upper middle-class business owners can now pursue their dreams of actually owning a supercar without breaking the bank….or roth IRA….or pensions….or whatever the hell it is that well-off but not super rich people have. The point is, the car can be considered a downright bargain for what it’s capable of.

And now we’re hearing that the next generation of GT-R will soon become even more bargainier*.

According to the good folks at NAGTROC, a recent European Nissan press conference revealed that the upcoming Godzilla will¬†receive¬†entirely new engine mapping, a slightly revised intake and a lightly tampered with exhaust, all of which will (according to chatter) be good for yet another astonishing power bump of 40 horses. That’s 40 more than what’s currently on tap from today’s model and that adds up to a grand total of 570hp.

On top of that, minor aero tweaks will allow for better cooling and efficiency. On top of that, this new generation of GT-R should sport cleaner emissions as well, making it earth-friendly….ish. Now the middle-class CEO can’t be hounded by carbon-hating hippies or wealthy Ferrari owners when driving to work. It’s a win win situation.

* We reserve the right to make up words.

[Chad Waite, NAGTROC]

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AJ Wilcox on September 26, 2011 at 12:53 pm.

Yes! Godzilla keep getting *Godzillier!

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