Salt City Euros Halloween Video: Scary Clowns Be Warned

By | October 28, 2016


Local European enthusiast channel, Salt City Euros, released a “festive” Halloween video this week with a clear warning for all the random scary clowns in the world: Beware the Euros.

Salt City Euro usually provides us with fantastic how-to’s and unique Euro build videos (Including an E-freaking-30 Touring! Awesome!), but this time they took their craft to the next level of entertainment. With “Clownageddon” sweeping the world – instances of random people dressing up as scary clowns and chasing innocent bystanders – this filmette serves as an entertaining warning as to why you should not try it. Aside from being shot, stabbed, or beat-the-hell-up, Clowns now have to worry about the “purge” coming from European car enthusiasts.

I hate clowns. All clowns. So we here at the Daily Derbi fully support violence against clowns*, especially when purging them with classic BMW metal and tasty bagged V.A.G. cruisers. Thank you Salt City Euros for making the world a little bit less scary.

Happy Halloween!

*No we don’t. We do not condone violence of any kind, even if it’s against scary clowns who deserve to rot in hell.

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AJ Wilcox on October 28, 2016 at 3:31 pm.

Gorgeous video, and awesome! So great to see you post again, Brandon!

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