Save The Supercars From Complacency: Sad Carrera S Edition

By | October 28, 2011

Sad Porsche Carrera S

We recently took you across the pond for an automotive enthusiast’s tour of London. During our trip we noticed a gross abuse, an abuse that needs to stop: Supercar Complacency.

It truly felt like I was in an automotive version of “28 Days Later” with zombie-fied cars haunting me on every corner. This epidemic isn’t just limited to the UK though. We’ve seen it here before with road side sales of Aston Martins, horrid wheel choices for a Ferrari 458 and sadly much, much more.

This 997 Carrera S is yet another example. It is a car worthy of a spirited drive, a warm place to call home, and at least a weekly wash. But its owner has complacently left it parked in the same spot under a tree for days, possibly even weeks. The tree must have been one of the fabled “Diarrhea Trees”, as we counted no less than 20 separate bird droppings and tree deposits along the once shimmering paint.

Neglected PorschePoop Covered Porsche


We understand that street parking is a hot commodity in London. But, you would think the owner of this sad Carrera S would have some time in their busy schedule to give it a wash, or at least a car cover.

Please, help stop Supercar Complacency in your area. If you see an abuse, write a strongly worded note to the owner and send us a picture. Together, we can help supercars and semi-supercars alike live a long and happy life.

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Chad Waite on October 28, 2011 at 4:46 pm.

There’s a picture that’s not going to make my desktop background.

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