Save the Vipers!!

By | March 7, 2014

Viper meeting it's demise

A rare Viper meeting it’s demise

It’s a sad day when you hear about the destruction of one of the more iconic american cars in recent history.

Talking about Chrysler killing – as in destroying – the first 93 or so original Vipers. Cars that represent the reemergence of Chrysler. Cars that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cars that deserve to be in a museum or private collection.

“WTF??”, you ask? Because these Vipers were part of a program where Chrysler sent off the first batch of Vipers to schools for students to learn on. These Vipers didn’t meet certain safety and emissions standards for use on public roads. These are cars, that if happened to be on the public streets and say, have an accident or two, would put Chrysler in the cross hairs of a huge liable suite for damages.

And that’s what happened. Two of these non-street legal Vipers were involved in an accident. To prevent any more risk of liability for the company, lawyers are having them all destroyed.

If you want to do SOMETHING, there’s an online petition going around.

And to bring a tear to your eye, below are two videos of the carnage.


[photo | YouTube]

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Chad Waite on March 7, 2014 at 9:14 am.

93 of them?! I wonder where this wrecking yard is.

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