SEMA: Ringbrothers deTomaso Pantera

By | November 19, 2013

Ringbrothers deTomaso Pantera ADRNLNOver the past few years the Ringbrothers have made quite a name for themselves by building classic muscle cars how they thought they should have been built in the first place.  Located in the small town of Spring Green, Wisconsin, brothers Mike and Jim Ring started building their own parts for restoration projects and first built a 1968 Camaro which eventually led to others ranging from Mustangs, Camaros, and even a 1964 Fairlane.  Many of which have 600+ hp.  So when SEMA came around we were excited to see what their next big build was.  When they announced it was to be a 1971 deTomaso Pantera we were even more so.

Ringbrothers deTomaso Pantera ADRNLNThe 1971 donor car was owned by a gentleman by the name of Randy Brickle who was diagnosed with cancer and passed away before he could restore the car.  His wife, Cheryl, wanted to finish the car and have a shop worthy of the build finish the car.  Cheryl was referred to the Ringbrothers.  When the car was delivered it was in rough shape.

Ringbrothers deTomaso Pantera ADRNLNThe Ringbrothers lowered the car and reworked the suspension shoeing it with Baer six-piston brakes and 19″ HRE wheels giving it some serious stance.  The front and rear fascias were completely custom built specifically for the car complete with carbon fiber and pop-up light replacement clusters.  With the nickname of “ADRNLN” you would certainly expect it to get your heart pumping.  And it lives up to the name.  The car is powered by a 600 hp 6.3L LS3 V8 instead of the original Ford 351 Cleveland setup.  The transmission remains the same ZF 5 speed albeit beefed up to handle the added power and torque.

Ringbrothers deTomaso Pantera ADRNLNThe interior has been modernized by Nike who implemented a variety of materials not typically used in the automotive industry.  Air conditioning and an Alpine 240 watt stereo system were added but let’s be honest, when you have a pair of Flowmaster mufflers and a 600hp American V8 behind your ears I doubt the stereo will see much use.

As an added bonus, the Ringbrothers were recently featured by Petrolicious in their weekly online videos.  While it doesn’t show ADRNLN it does show a couple of their other builds, “Producer” (1965 Mustang Fastback) and “Afterburn” (1964 Ford Fairlane).

Photos: The Ringbrothers
Video: Petrolicous

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