Semi Rolls Over And Releases 25 Million Bees

By | October 26, 2011

Bee Truck Rollover

There’s been a lot of hype about the┬ádisastrous┬ápotential for semi-trucks hauling hazardous materials across states to crash. That would be bad news bears and as it turns out that exact situation happened Sunday when a semi-truck rolled over hauling some of the most hazardous cargo imaginable: millions and millions of bees.

The rollover happened on the stretch of I-15 passing through St. George, Utah. It’s not clear how the accident happened but it was pretty apparent to rescue workers that the overturned truck was the least of their worries as millions of bees escaped their colony boxes from the trailer. According to KSL, each colony contained two boxes of bees with each box holding about 80,000 bees. Each pallet in the truck held a grand total of four colonies, resulting in a grand total of 640,000 bees per pallet. We’re not sure how many pallets the truck was carrying, but it’s estimated a whopping 25 million bees were on board. Frankly just one box is too many already.

The situation was so bad that 20 local professional beekeepers (I didn’t even think there were 20 worldwide…) were called in to help collect the bees. And as impossible as that sounds, it apparently wasn’t that difficult. According to one beekeeper helping with the cleanup, “A lot of bees will go back in [the colony boxes]. After dark they don’t fly, they just crawl around.” In fact, almost two thirds of the insects being shipped were recovered.

So there you have it. In other news, cases of the Tommy Boy “Bees In Car” excuse to get out of traffic tickets have been on a sharp rise since Sunday…

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