Shea Holbrook Is A Better Driver (And Water Skier) Than You

By | July 3, 2012

Shea Holbrook World Challenge Interview

The world of professional motorsport is unquestionably dominated by dudes. Sure, there are a handful female driver bright spots to balance things out a bit, and by now we’re sure your mind has already switched to visions of a half-naked Danica Patrick holding a very strategically placed GoDaddy sign. High point of racing, eh? Even our local Utah racing celebrity is the incredibly talented Melanie Snow, who is still kicking total ass on the track.

Another rising star is Shea Holbrook, and if you haven’t heard of her in the past consider this your friendly introduction. Holbrook is one of six drivers for the all-women TrueCar racing team, driving a touring car spec 2012 Honda Civic Si in the Pirelli World Challenge, which, if you’re a regular, you’ll know is pretty much our our favorite racing series ever.

What makes Holbrook’s story so different and interesting is that just six years ago she had zero knowledge of the world of motorsport and racing, let alone experience. In fact, her passion at the time was water skiing, competing as a nationally ranked competitor- about the furthest thing from SCCA racing events. She had no big sponsors or family connections to kick start her career, relying only on her will and determination to become a professional driver. How did that work out for her? Well, fast forward to the present and she has just finished up what her website is calling “a stellar season“.

So why the radical switch from water skier to race car driver, you ask? Our own Mike Gillilan caught up with Shea for an interview at World Challenge’s stop at the Miller Motorsports Park and more recently at Laguna Seca. Here is part 1 of his interview at MMP:

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