Speed Announces Speed2 Broadband Network: Non-NASCAR Fans Rejoice

By | May 22, 2010

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Speed2 Internet Channel

America’s premier and ONLY network dedicated to everything automotive, Speed, has announced the creation and launch of “Speed2”, an internet only channel dedicated to the racing series we’ve only dreamt about until now.  Speed finally recognizes there is more beyond the seemingly constant southern drawls of NASCAR. Now we can partake in the racing goodness found all around the world.

Speed President Hunter Nickell stated, “NASCAR, the most popular form of motor sports in North America, is the foundation and top priority of the linear network,” and that “Developing SPEED2 provides a dedicated platform for a wider variety of racing, including some of the coolest international events from tracks around the world.”

Here is the Christmas list of series that Santa Speed2 will be delivering to all of us good little boys and girls-

FIA GT1 and GT3 (World and European Championship Touring Car Racing Series)
• German Touring Car (DTM)
• World Touring Car Championship (WTCC)
• Intercontinental Rally
• British Touring Car Championship (BTCC)
• FIM Motocross World Championship (All-Terrain Motorcycle Racing)
• FIM Supermoto World Championship (Motorcross and Off-Road Racing)
• FIM Enduro World Championship (Long Distance Off-Road Motorcycle Racing)
• Nürburgring 24 (Touring Car Endurance Racing)
• Formula 2 (Open Wheel Formula Racing)
• F3 Euroseries (European Open Wheel Developmental Racing Series)
• VW Scirocco Cup (German Single-Make Racing Series)

We will no longer have to suffer through the non-ambi turning , carbureted (and pretty much useless for the real world) “Stock Car” racing of Nascar.  Starting this July, we can watch Scirocco’s mix it up with BMW’s and Lamborghini’s on some of the world’s greatest tracks!

But it won’t just be racing series that will be lowering our productivity at work.  Pulling from their 14 year programming library, Speed2 will also offer series like “American Muscle Car” and “Behind the Headlights” along with international magazine shows such as Motorsports Mundial and Inside Grand Prix.

This internet only move reminds us of the fabled ESPN 8, “The Ocho”, dedicated to the seldom seen sports from around the world. We can only hope that Cotton McKnight and Pepper Brooks will be calling some of the races!

[Speed, Brandon Christiansen]

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AJ on May 22, 2010 at 9:02 pm.

Catch it all live, on “the ocho”!

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