We Spotted A 2015 Mustang And It Was Used For This

By | April 30, 2014

One of our resident photographers, Chance Hales, happened across a 2015 Ford Mustang a couple of months ago while at the gas station.  Striking him as odd that a 2015 Mustang was being toted around on a car hauler before it was even available at dealers he followed it.

Stopping in Payson, Utah he was allowed to get some nice shots of the new Mustang.  Turns out the car was being used to film a commercial that involved only a cameo of the Mustang and a lot more of… aerobic dancing.  I’m really not sure what the sweatbands, short shorts, and spandex have to do with the 2015 Mustang but their dancing is hypnotic and the “Shimmy Fallon” music is quite catchy.


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