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Heaven on Earth! Geneva Motor Show 2014

By | March 12, 2014

The Geneva Motor Show has become the CES of the auto show circuit.  It is the show where automakers hold nothing back and bring out their biggest and best unveilings of the year.  The alumni of this show is the top of the class.  Its graduates includes the likes of the Ferrari F50, Audi R8, […]

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Weekend Wallpaper: 2012 Ferrari California

By | February 17, 2013

The Ferrari California became the first Ferrari to have a front-mounted V8 in 2009.  It was also the first Ferrari to feature a retractable hardtop and the last model to ever be offered with a manual transmission.  The manual version of the car was one of the slowest selling Ferraris ever and is no longer […]

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The Ten Most Expensive Cars Sold At Auction

By | December 4, 2012

In today’s world there are thousands of new and used cars for sale.  The average selling price for a new car is just over $30K.  While that may not seem like a lot, for many of us it is more than we can afford.  But what if you could?  What if money were no problem […]

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Utah Valley University Students Go On High-Performance Field Trip

By | February 8, 2011

Last Wednesday, students from Utah Valley University‘s Automotive Department went on a field trip to Southern California. The trip was the idea of Professor Todd Low for students in his High-Performance Engine class. The students got to visit CP Pistons/Carrillo Rods, Edelbrock and Pomona Raceway. They drove down on Wednesday. Thursday morning they visited CP Pistons/Carrillo […]

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