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New Car Company Vygor Is Anything But InVygorating

By | October 4, 2011

Ha! What a clever title. It would seem that the automotive world’s latest trend is to start a new, obscure car company that no one has heard of and start boasting in weird ways that your car will be the best thing since the ‘Shit Happens’ tee shirt. Eterniti recently did just this when they […]

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AutoSoup: Eterniti Builds A Cayenne + Three Hot Supercar Videos Editon

By | September 12, 2011

Mmmm AutoSoup. Now complete with chunky delicious videos! Eterniti Builds A Cayenne: A couple weeks ago we got all sorts of skeptical over a new luxury car maker from London called Eterniti. They claimed that their new uber lux super SUV called the Hermera would deliver the finest in luxury and performance but gave us […]

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Blip: Eterniti Motors (Who?) Wants YOU To Get Excited Over Their Unknown Brand

By | August 16, 2011

Hi reader. Meet Eterniti Motors, the newest player in the luxury car segment that apparently has high hopes, lofty goals and no money for a good marketing team. Based out of London, Eterniti will debut their 4-wheeled creation called the Hemera at the Frankfurt International Motorshow Sept. 14. According to the “we’re so cool we […]

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