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FMD: Friday Motoring Diversion

By | February 8, 2013

Friday Motoring Diversion – 2012 F1 Top 15 Overtakes

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Video: This What A Sauber F1 Car Looks Like Cut In Half

By | May 30, 2012

Everyone knows F1 is the pinnacle of technology in motorsport. Even the guy from the Sauber F1 team in the video below even says just that as his opening line. So to demonstrate this statement, Sauber has quite literally cut one of their F1 cars in half to show what exactly is going on underneath […]

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AutoSoup: Exotic Traffic Jams, Jeremy Clarkson’s Voice, And Indy Goes Airborne

By | September 6, 2011

It’s been a busy week. Catch up with a sodium-free bowl of AutoSoup: England Gives Us The Only Traffic Jam We Want To Be In: Traffic is universally hated by all. Traffic comprised entirely of multi-million dollar supercars? Maybe not so much. This YouTube video shows off one such traffic jam that was just that […]

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Video: The Sounds of Formula 1

By | May 6, 2011

One of the first things that drew me into Formula 1 racing was the amazing sound of the engines screaming at 18000+ rpm.  That sound fills my home during each grand prix weekend, undoubtedly annoying my neighbors. As I was preparing for this weekend’s Turkish Grand Prix, I came across this amazing video of a […]

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Senna Documentary Reviewed

By | April 15, 2011

Sixth gear, 190 miles per hour down the front straight as the deafening wind rushes past my visor. I focus on the task at hand.  My Honda engine is screaming over my left shoulder, begging for the sweet release of my right foot. All I can see is him. I don’t see the track or […]

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Infiniti to Join the Ranks of Formula 1

By | February 28, 2011

Luxury car maker Infiniti has decided to increase their global image by smacking their name and symbol on the side of the 2010 world champion Red Bull Racing Formula 1 car for the 2011 season. This is pretty much just a marketing move as the 2011 Red Bull car will still be powered by Renault […]

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