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In Photos: The Ferrai FF And Fisker Karma Come To Salt Lake City

By | January 16, 2012

Two of the most noteworthy cars of 2011 made it out to Utah International Auto Expo. The Ferrari FF and Fisker Karma are virtual opposites both in looks and mechanics. While the FF packs a massive 660hp from a gas guzzling V12 wrapped inĀ bizarre body work, the Fisker Karma replaces blunt performance for an extra […]

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Poll: Decide The Next Ferrari This Person Is Going To Buy

By | March 24, 2011

Last night, a Daily Derbi reader sent us this: [NAME REMOVED] said she wanted to get a yellow Ferrari. When I asked her what kind, she said she didn’t know. “Haven’t gone shopping yet” What Ferrari would you get if: 1) Had to be buyable in the US. 2) New. Currently in production. Or recently. […]

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Lamborghini Aventador and Ugly Ferrari FF Are Sold Out!

By | March 5, 2011

Well that didn’t take long, now did it? If your new year’s resolution was to own one of the two new flagship supercars from Ferrari and Lamborghini, let’s hope you shelled out the cash before yesterday. Just a mere four days after its release at the Geneva Auto Show, Lamborghini has announced that all units […]

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Teenage Bedroom Walls, Meet Your New Poster Cars

By | March 1, 2011

***Subscribe and follow us on Twitter for tasty daily car news!*** This year, we’ve nicknamed the Geneva Auto Show ‘the year of the supercar’. The number of new cars that fall into the super category is more than ever before, however, we’ve already covered the majority of them in the past, albeit with only swirly […]

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Topless Ferrari FF Spyder Kinda Sorta Might Be Good Looking….

By | February 18, 2011

It’s Friday so I’ll make this quick. The FF is the ugly anti-brand vehicle that Ferrari shareholders have been waiting for. Its numbers may look good on paper but one look at the car and none of that will matter because its basically the same as viewing Larry King’s bowel movements. That’s why I was […]

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Opinion: Ferrari And The Divide That Is Jeremy Clarkson

By | January 29, 2011

If you’ve ever written a blog post or a paper or an article of any sort, you know that the overall topic and point of the article will sometimes morph into something unintended than when you first started writing it. Somehow the content just take its own route. Case and point: this article started off […]

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