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Extreme Unintended Acceleration – Throttle Wide Open For 1 Hour

By | March 21, 2013

Let me paint you a ridiculous picture. You’re driving down the highway and the throttle gets stuck wide open. You can’t stop, so you drive full throttle for an hour until you run out of gas. Hard to believe? It gets crazier. French citizen, Frank Lecerf,was driving his Renault Laguna to the store. Not just […]

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The French Make Some Weird-Ass Car Commercials

By | May 13, 2011

Grace Jones. Ever heard of her? I know I hadn’t, at least up until I watched this mind-blowingly bizzare commercial for the 1985 Citroën CX that features the Jamaican singer. Apparently Jones, weirdly pictured to the right, was chosen to for this commercial because she could sport a wicked haircut that nearly matched the shape of the […]

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