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Park City Welcomes goldRush Rally 6

By | June 6, 2014

Back in 1971, race car driver Brock Yates and Car and Driver editor Steve Smith attempted to travel from New York to Los Angeles in the quickest time possible in a 1971 Dodge Custom Sportsman van.  They made the trip in just over 40 hours.  The trip spawned a new, unsanctioned road rally, the Cannonball Baker […]

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How A Rally Works: Dissecting goldRush 2011

By | June 17, 2011

Yesterday, drivers and cars from the goldRush Rally made their first overnight stop in Park City, Utah. When we first heard about this planned stop, we got big eyes and dirty thoughts of seeing handfuls of exotic vehicles that aren’t what you’d necessarily consider Utah natives. Judging from the pictures on this post, that’s exactly […]

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Utah Event: goldRush Rally Tonight In Park City

By | June 15, 2011

If seeing expensive, exotic vehicles actually being driven and not napping under some velvet drape in an air-cooled garage, get up to Park City tonight for the 2011 goldRush Rally. Rallies are simple. People with expensive cars- Ferraris, Lambos, Maybachs and such- pay a large amount of money to drive a long distance on a […]

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