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New York Auto Show 2014

By | April 22, 2014

The New York Auto Show is the last auto show on US soil for the season until November when everyone rolls into Los Angeles.  The Big Apple didn’t offer very many big announcements this year but it did bring in a few new redesigns.  We take a look at ten of them.  We’ll start with […]

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Rhys Millen To Bring New Hyundai To Pikes Peak

By | June 26, 2013

When your own record you set last year is at stake your motivation for defending it is quite strong.  Just ask Rhys Millen.  Last year Rhys set the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb record at 9:46.164.  The record was set in a race prepped Hyundai Genesis Coupe.  An easy choice for someone who is famous […]

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The 2013 Super Bowl Car Commercial Master List (w/ Poll)

By | February 4, 2013

Every year the world unites over a single game of football, copious amounts of appetizers and greasy food, and a brief moment where the majority purpose of watching television is to view the advertisements. We’re talking Super Bowl commercials, baby! And every year, car companies spend absurd amounts of money- $4 million for 30 seconds to be […]

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Stylish and Performing: Here Comes 2013 Accent

By | October 17, 2012

If you’re on the market for an affordable but stylish hatchback, Hyundai Accent is one of the most reliable options currently available. Following the successful tradition of Hyundai Excel, the first front wheel drive car ever created by the South Korean carmaker, Hyundai Accent first was commercialised in 1994 and has since then gone through […]

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Video: Is Rhys Millen The New Ken Block?

By | December 16, 2011

Well, Hyundai certainly thinks so. And while the Genesis coupe in the video isn’t nearly as awesome as Block’s “Fiesta” (quotes because it is in no way a Fiesta), the skill level of Rhys Millen is right on par with that of Kenny B’s, as clearly demonstrated in the video below:

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Genesis Coupe Gains Power, Gears and Drive Wheels

By | March 15, 2011

The Hyundai Genesis coupe will get the new direct injected version of the 3.8L V6 that was previously announced for the Genesis sedan. Direct-injection pumps power up from 306 hp and 266 lb-ft to 333 hp and 291 lb-ft — a noticeable increase. It will now top the 312 hp Camaro and the 305 hp […]

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