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In Photos: 2014 Energy Solutions Utah Grand Prix

By | October 5, 2014

On September 12~14, Miller Motorsports Park hosted the last two rounds of 25th annual running of the Pirelli World Challenge. Everything from Fiat 500s, Honda Fits, to Audi R8s, Ferraris, Porsches, Aston Martins, Cadys, Corvettes, and why not, let’s throw in some Lamborghinis and Bentleys to the mix! With some of the drama and politics […]

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In Photos: 2014 NASA Utah Region Round 3

By | June 26, 2014

Another month means another round of NASA Utah. Held over the May 23-25 weekend on the East Track configuration of Miller Motorsports Park. Better weather brought out a few new faces to the track. Some of the more talked about cars were Makes and Models’s Audi R8 LMS (previously owned by GMG Racing, last seen by […]

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In Photos: 2014 NASA Utah Region Round 2

By | May 18, 2014

It’s been a month since the initial round of NASA Utah. This round was inundated with rain, more rain, wind, sleet, and did I mention I’m still trying to dry out my camera! While this round didn’t have the variety of cars as Round 1, there was no amount of excitement on the track. Everything […]

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In Photos: 2014 NASA Utah Region Round 1

By | April 3, 2014

What is that you hear in the distance? Did you noticed a slight scent of hot metal and exhausted race fuel in the air? Is it possible that it’s time to go racing again? Held over March 21-23rd on Miller Motorsports Park’s Outer loop track, NASA Utah Region had their first event of 2014 season. The weekend consisted […]

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In Photos: WinterX – Round 2

By | December 31, 2013

As winter starts its march across the northern hemisphere, most “normal” people tend to stay indoors to avoid the cold and snow. Sure there are those that ski, snowboard, and even traverse the winterscape in snowshoes. But for some, the call for speed and more seat time is too great. Thankfully, Miller Motorsports Park offers […]

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In Photos: WinterX

By | November 30, 2013

We’ve talked many times here at Daily Derbi about ways to get on the track and get started as an honest-to-goodness racer. Rather it be for recreational purposes, or gunning for the pros, one thing that everyone needs is “seat time”. Time on the track, learning your skill, learning your car, learning how to handle […]

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