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Video: 2012 Nissan GT-R vs BMW M5 w/ Poll

By | February 2, 2012

Often times the most unconventional match ups make for the most entertaining. Top Gear’s epic comparison of a Daihatsu Materia and an Ascari A10 comes to mind immediately. Autocar decided to go down the same route, albeit not quite as radical of a comparison as Top Gear did, and had the new BMW F10 M5 […]

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Can Diesel-Powered BMWs Wear An M Badge?

By | January 27, 2012

For the past several years, BMW’s purebred, performance oriented M lineup of vehicles has been loosing sight of what the M badge actually means. The M division really first established its name in the early days by turning the already good 3-series into the sensationally good M3. The same can be said with the insanely […]

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BMW F10 M5 Now The Fastest Production Sedan Around The Nurburgring

By | June 27, 2011

And then they were second! It looks as though Cadillac has lost the bragging rights to fastest lap around the Nürburgring after an “unofficial” record-breaking lap by the new BMW F10 M5. The time, you ask? A scant 7 minutes and 55 seconds to get around 13 miles of the most grueling track on the […]

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First Official Commercial for the New BMW M5

By | June 25, 2011

This is BMW’s first commercial for their new M5. It gets a pretty big ‘meh’ from us, highlighting the fact that the type of people who are most likely to buy this new Bavarian tower of power are rich businessmen who prefer expensive leather shoes and CSPAN and get easily aroused when talking about their […]

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New BMW M5 Will Have AWD Variant, People Who Can’t Drive Rejoice

By | May 3, 2011

BMW’s new twin-turbo V8 M5 has been making lots of news lately, especially after it’s debut at the Shanghai Auto Show. And honestly, what’s not to love? It’s powerful, good looking, and apparently really easy to drive. At least that’s what BMW is saying as they’ve confirmed an all-wheel-drive version of their newest family super-sedan. Lots […]

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BMW’s 1-Series M Coupe: Small Car, Small Price, Big M5-Sized Speed

By | December 15, 2010

<<<Tell us what you think of this BMW in the comments below!>>> Today, vehicles generally get bigger with every continuing year of existence. The newest Toyota Corolla was the same size as its big brother Camry was ten years before and that’s something we hate. The Daily Derbi likes and fully recommends smaller cars. Our […]

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