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The Mercedes-Benz C63 Coupe Black Is Not As Exciting As Richard Hammond’s U.S. Car Show

By | July 25, 2011

This post originally started out by taking a look at the bonkers new Mercedes-Benz C63 Coupe Black and its 517 horsepower. This car is the sportier version of the C63, a vehicle that was the chintzy go-to option for blonde, plastic filled wives of successful real estate agents. It’s also the most powerful C-class ever […]

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James May’s Man Lab: How To Be A Man By The Man

By | October 27, 2010

Apparently James May doesn’t know just cars- he knows how to be a real man. And come October 31st, he’ll extend the hand of human kindness and show you how to do the same in his new BBC show, “James May’s Man Lab”. The 15-second trailer below pretty much guarantees that this show will be […]

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