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The Best Micro Cars In North America

By | September 11, 2012

North Americans have always ended up getting the short end of the stick when it comes to micro cars. Because such tiny cars can’t compete with big Detroit gas-guzzlers in terms of horsepower and top speed, most European and Japanese companies have not bothered to bring such cars to America, fearing they will fail to […]

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Video: Parallel Parking Record Broken

By | June 2, 2012

Who doesn’t love a stunt involving Mini Coopers?  As part of a promotion in China, called “The China Job,” Mini decided to attempt to break the parallel parking record of 21 cm of space to spare.  Sound impossible to beat?  Well, when you put a Mini to the task and a driver like Han Yue (who?), […]

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Mini Mini Cooper Concept At Geneva Next Week

By | February 22, 2011

At 11’3” long the Rocketman is 15” longer than the original 1959 Mini. BMW says it is not hinting at an upcoming future model, but it is intended to preview the design language direction they have planed. Ready for the Geneva motor show next week the Rocketman uses the 3+1 seating layout of the Toyota […]

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Minis Are Getting Bigger and Smaller.

By | September 6, 2010

In 2001 the second generation Mini Cooper brought the Mini name back to the USA. Since then they have added the larger Mini Clubman with a third door and now the Mini Countryman – a lifted awd four- full-size door Mini. Now Mini is working on a coupe version of the Countryman. Instead of being […]

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