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Tuning Gone Wrong: Smart Car Lift Kits & Ron Burgundy Mustaches

By | May 4, 2011

Instead of the typical criticisms and mocking usually found in our Tuning Gone Wrong series, we’re taking a different approach to today’s TGW post and actually encouraging owners of the car in question to perform these “modifications” on their vehicle. So, Smart Car owners- get your wrenches and your wallets ready because we have two […]

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Video: 19 Girls Fit Into Just One Smart Car

By | December 18, 2010

It was the question that never needed to be asked and the record that we didn’t even know needed to be broken: how many Pakistani teenage girls can fit in one Smart Car? In the video below, the good people Pakistan intend to find out (do they know how to party or what?). The quick […]

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