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‘Murica! Meet the 2016 Camaro, Viper, and Mustang

By | May 21, 2015

May has been a big month for American automakers.  We have seen the arrivals of a redesign and new variant, and some tweaks to some of America’s most American cars, the Chevy Camaro, Dodge Viper, and Ford Mustang.  No matter what your flavor of GM, Mopar, or Blue Oval there is something for everyone. The […]

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Save the Vipers!!

By | March 7, 2014

It’s a sad day when you hear about the destruction of one of the more iconic american cars in recent history. Talking about Chrysler killing – as in destroying – the first 93 or so original Vipers. Cars that represent the reemergence of Chrysler. Cars that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cars that […]

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SEMA 2012: This Dodge Viper Limo Is A Terrible, Terrible Thing

By | November 1, 2012

The Specialty Equipment Market Association, otherwise referred to as SEMA, is best known as being a platform for tuners to publicly display their ideas they’ve made into a reality. Some times these ideas are utterly amazing. And other times you end up with a car like the Dodge Viper limo pictured above. Yes, that is […]

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New Viper Revealed In Two Days But Could This Rendering Be It?

By | April 2, 2012

Ever since the last production Dodge Viper rolled off the line, we’ve been looking forward to the day when we would see what would be taking its place. According to Dodge, that day isn’t too far off. In fact, it’s this Wednesday. Dodge has made it known that they plan to reveal their new Viper […]

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AutoSoup: The Ferrari 458 Spider’s Pricetag & Viper ‘Ring Video Proves It’s Fastest

By | September 28, 2011

It’s fall now. And fall means cold. And cold means soup. And soup means AutoSoup….ya, we didn’t follow that either. A New Ferrari 458 Spider Will Cost You…. Enough with the written anticipation- it’ll set you back $257,000. If you have the means, may we highly recommend a 458 Spider. If not, you might opt […]

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Old Dog, New Trick: Dodge Viper ACR Sets Nürburgring Lap Record….Again

By | September 15, 2011

It may be out, but it’s certainly not down. A couple years back, Dodges track monster they called the Viper ACR set the record for the fastest Nürburgring lap ever for a major production car with a blisteringly fast lap of 7:22. Of course, that lap time has been whittled down ever since by ever […]

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