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Almost-Production Ready (?) Version of BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Spotted In Heat

By | January 2, 2011

Well, we’re assuming it’s in heat because these pictures of the BMW’s newest, only, and worst named supercar were taken on a racetrack in Abu Dhabi, a place renowned for┬álots of heat and apparently near production Bavarian prototypes. Yes, the phrase “almost production ready” is nothing short of rampant, unsubstantiated speculation on our part, but […]

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BMW Annouces 2013 Vision EfficientDynamics Supercar

By | December 19, 2010

BMW isn’t known for the giving sexy sounding names to their sexy cars. M3, 5-Series, or X5? None of those exactly scream “good looking import”. And neither does the name Vision EfficientDynamics. But that’s exactly what zee Germans are branding their new plug-in hybrid supercar they’re saying will see production in 2013. As stupid as […]

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