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This Is The New VW Beetle…

By | April 19, 2011

***Like us on Facebook or you’ll be forced to own one of these!*** New VW Beetle Profile I have a soft spot for Volkswagens – Beetles specifically. My dad built and rebuilt Baja Beetles as a teenager in the 60s. I’ve owned two New Beetles so far – a model that has become notoriously girly […]

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Auto Soup: ‘Why Can’t I Be Shaun White’ Edition

By | January 30, 2011

A couple of weeks have passed since our last edition of Auto Soup, our makeshift way of catching you (and us) up on the noteworthy automotive news that didn’t quite make the cut for a full-blown article. Or we didn’t have enough man power to cover it. Or we just forgot. So like us on […]

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Tuning Gone Wrong: ‘I Just Don’t Get It’ Edition

By | January 23, 2011

<<<Are you fan #200? Like us on Facebook (to the right)>>> Sometimes people do just plain bad things to their cars. Many times it’s the manufacturer of the car itself, say, Ferrari and their 100% absolutely terrible new FF. More often, though, it’s the owner of the car, like the driver of this 2004 VW Beetle […]

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Tuning Gone Wrong: CarLashes- The Worst “Mod” We’ve EVER Seen Edition

By | September 17, 2010

***Subscribe and follow us on Twitter….or else!*** **Update: After checking the CarLashes website, it seems that these are available for a number of models including most BMWs. Oh goody.** Our famous Tuning Gone Wrong series has surfaced some of the worst modifications to cars we’ve ever seen. But after a loyal Derbi sent us a […]

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