The Audi RS1 Is The Hottest Hatchback You Can’t Have

By | October 13, 2011

Audi RS1

Many people would argue that Europeans get better cars. While we’re stuck here in the states with Malibus, Camrys and Calibers, zee Germans and redcoats across the pond have access to fun daily drivers like the peppy vehicle pictured above. That, ladies and gents, is the first spy shot of the Audi RS1, a tiny powerhouse of a vehicle bearing the four silver rings at the front, a turbo’d inline four under the hood (most likely), and a huge spoiler at the back.

Want it? Us, too. Very, very badly. In fact, our love for small, fun-to-drive cars is obviously manifested in what we drive to work. My daily drivers is a 2001 Miata. Author Brandon Christiansen gets around in a Mark IV GTI. So it’s clearly in our genes to want this RS1.

But this hot hatch is just another page in the book of “Americans can’t have this“, and that’s not a book we like very much at all. Since the base Audi A1 isn’t coming stateside anytime soon, neither will its grown up, performance-laden counterpart.

So, just what exactly are we missing out on? Autoblog speculates that under the small hood should be a turbo’d inline four that will put down about 250 Deutschland ponies. Pair that with the ever present Quattro all-wheel-drive system found in all of Audi’s RS vehicles and you’ve got a recipe for what must be one of the most entertaining cars to drive ever.

I think this calls for an Audi protest: #OccupyAudi

[Chad Waite | Photos: Autoblog]


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