The Flying Tacocopter Is The Best April Fools’ Idea Ever

By | March 28, 2012

Tacocopter Food Deliver Helicopter

For anyone who has ever been a college student with the munchies only a taco would cure but didn’t want to stop playing Forza 4 to go get it, a company in San Francisco has felt your pain and will soon be offering a ridiculously awesome solution. It’s called the Tacocopter, and if your first thoughts are of a helicopter delivering tacos, well, you’re right- that’s exactly what it is.

The concept uses computer guided robot helicopters to deliver warm tacos to a customer who places their orders, payments, and GPS coordinates via an iPhone app. Once the order is placed, the Tacocopter takes off with the goods securely stored and meets the buyer at the specified coordinates.

Seriously, what an absolutely f&*$ing awesome idea!

So awesome that it’s a total lie. See, someone a few years back started the trend of extending out the April Fools’ “fool me if I’m gullible” tradition a number of days before April 1st. Today is March 28 and with just three days left till the world collectively tries to pull one over on you, we’re willing to bet this idea won’t get off the ground. Ha! Get it?

That being said, the idea of instant fast food delivery via robotic helicopters is something I, as well as many others (I’m assuming), would pay for. Who knows, maybe the demise of food trucks and drive throughs started as an April Fools’ joke.

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