The Hot, Not-For-America Audi RS4 Avant Goes….Paintballing…?

By | February 28, 2013

Audi RS4 Paintball Battle

Audi is known for their super hot cars in Europe that are unobtainable forbidden fruit to us ‘Mericans. Case and point- the new B8 Audi RS4 Avant, a vehicle that checks each box on a petrolhead’s list paired with the practicality of a beige wagon for the family. It other words it’s exactly what you and I should want in a vehicle.

Audi is also known for their fantastic marketing campaigns to show off all the cars we can’t have stateside. So what happens when Audi’s marketing department gets a pair of brand new RS4 Avants and is given the instructions to make us want them even more? They make a logical(?) connection to play play a game of in-car paintball.

As an avid car guy and a competitive paintball players in years past, I can tell you that partaking in dueling RS4s with paintball markers strapped to the hood hooning around a makeshift speedball course for cars is most definitely something on my bucket list now.

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