The Mercedes-Benz C63 Coupe Black Is Not As Exciting As Richard Hammond’s U.S. Car Show

By | July 25, 2011

Richard Hammond Hard DriveThis post originally started out by taking a look at the bonkers new Mercedes-Benz C63 Coupe Black and its 517 horsepower. This car is the sportier version of the C63, a vehicle that was the chintzy go-to option for blonde, plastic filled wives of successful real estate agents. It’s also the most powerful C-class ever made and quite the looker as well. It definitely gives the M3 a run for it’s money. Maybe even steals it…

But then I saw an AutoBlog article saying that Richard Hammond is getting his own car show here in the states and any fascination I had with the new Black was gone.

Yes, one of the Top Gear trio is coming to stateside television!

The new show, set to be called Hard Drive- also an unofficial punishment in our judicial system- will air on BBC America but won’t bring over any of the other Top Gear crew. That being said, James May is set to start entertaining us Yanks with a U.S. version of Man Lab. Could this be our generation’s British invasion? Methinks so, although this time with cars and hair product rather than LSD and Yoko Ono.

For American car¬†enthusiasts, our car entertainment canteen is full. ¬†We’ll keep you updated as more details come out about Hard Drive. See the full C63 Coupe Black gallery after the jump.

[Chad Waite | Mercedes-Benz | TV By The Numbers via AutoBlog]

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