The Two Myths 60 Minutes Top Gear Segment Solved

By | October 26, 2010

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(Video Link: Top Gear’s Wild Ride- 60 Minutes)

Last night, 60 Minutes took on Top Gear in front of all of America. And in case you missed it, here is not only the full interview with 60 Minute’s Steve Croft, but additional video footage not seen over the air Sunday night including the Top Gear crew’s thoughts on their trip to Alabama and Clarkson talking about his favorite cars.

But insight into Top Gear aside, these videos provide two really very valuable pieces of information that dispel two very prominent Top Gear myths:

1. Top Gear is scripted and the hosts are only funny because of the writing.

For the handful of folks who’ve decided that they don’t enjoy Top Gear- crazy, I know, but they do exist- their first argument is usually that Top Gear can feel scripted and that the hosts are only funny because of consistently clever writers.

That’s like hearing Lindsay Lohan say she’s sober- you know it’s just not true. Sure, we know that scripted scenes aren’t a complete stranger to Top Gear (aka scene with burning caravan), however, the times that Clarkson and the boys made Steve Croft and I laugh in the short 14 minute segment proves that the hosts of Top Gear are naturally funny and charismatic pretty much all the time. Plus the amount of vague pop-culture references and completely off-the-wall analogies that Clarkson spits out is only capable of creation by…well, by him.

2. “Honey, I don’t wanna watch Top Gear because it’s a guy’s show.”

Guys-if you’ve ever heard this argument from a significant other, WATCH THIS CLIP! About half way through it mentions the fact that Top Gear’s audience is- get ready for it- forty percent women! Forty percent!

Doing a bit of quick math, we find that this represents 140 million viewers of Top Gear’s 350 million person audience. If you’re a girl, watching Top Gear has essentially become the newest trend…like another True Religion jeans, stupid small dog in the purse, or Jersey Shore- just not as self-absorbed or retarded.

The overall point in the end is to just watch this 60 Minutes clip and to continue to enjoy Top Gear. Know that you’re watching the TV show with the coolest content and the most clever, humorous hosts…in the world (had to do it once) and that any recreations will be like comparing chocolate cake to free chocolate cake- similar but just not as good.

(Video Link: 60 Minutes Overdrive with Top Gear)

Extended thoughts on Top Gear’s trip to Alabama:

(Video Link: Thoughts on Top Gear’s trip to Alabama)

Jeremy on his favorite cars:

(Video Link: Jeremy Clarkson’s favorite cars)

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AJ on October 26, 2010 at 3:55 pm.

What makes Top Gear so great is definitely the host interaction. That said, there is certainly a ton that is scripted. I wouldn’t say that it’s detrimental to the show, but there is certainly a lot that is written. I’ve heard from people who were present during the filming who said that they practiced the same jokes over and over again during each take.

Allie on October 27, 2010 at 4:31 pm.

Hahahaha. I love that you say Top Gear is the latest trend like True Religions.. That makes me chuckle. But yes I would agree, Top Gear is quite entertaining and I don’t think it feels too scripted.

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