The Wasatch Classic 12: VW Car Show Recap

By | July 18, 2010

VW Bus

This past Saturday found Pioneer Park in Provo overrun with classic and modern Volkswagens thanks to the 12th annual Wasatch Classic. For 12 years now air-cooled and water-cooled VW’s fans alike have been showing their Wolfsburg metal in the comfort of the shade.  Although we’ve seen some crazy VW concoctions in our day, we were blown away by what we found here.

Everything was well represented from modified Caddys and tastefully bagged GTI’s to hot-rodded and fully restored classic air-cooled bugs, buses and more.

The first thing to catch our eye, and no this is NOT a photoshop, was something people were calling the “squashed bug”-

Squashed VW BugChopped VW Bug

What was amazing was the other iteration of the squashed theme where instead of squashing from front to back, this Dr. Jekyll did it from side to side. This may be the only true single seater Bug in the world.  We couldn’t quite get over the look of it, it seriously looked like it came straight out of a crack fueled “Alice in Wonderland” dream-

Squeezed BugVW Bug

While taking in the classic and hot rod goodness we strolled upon the rare VW powered Puma GTS, a car we honestly didn’t know much about.  It’s a car people refer to as the “the world’s greatest unknown sports car”.  With Italian inspired styling this little unknown was manufactured in small factories in Brazil and exported throughout the world during the mid to late 60’s.

Puma GTS

Of course there was plenty to see and the pictures only tell a portion of what this show is about. It truly is a get together of friends and family of the VW mark. Everyone is friendly and is more than willing to share their story with a fellow enthusiast. Be sure to set aside some time for next year’s Wasatch Classic! We’ll see you there!

More pictures-

Bagged MK5 GTIVW CaddyVW Corrado

VW Karmann GhiaVW BeetlePorsche Speedster

Porsche 356HerbyVW Hotrod Bug

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