This Is What An Eight-Ferrari Car Crash Looks Like

By | December 5, 2011

Ferrari Crash

Eight Ferraris. Three Mercs. Two Lambos. Sounds like an exotic automotive substitution for the Twelve Days Of Christmas, right? Well, not so much. It’s actually the total number of cars involved in a massive exotic car wreck in Japan that occurred over the weekend. Apparently the drivers of all of these vehicles were traveling to a driver’s gathering, when a particular Ferrari, likely in the lead, switched lanes, somehow slammed into the center divider, and spun into the other vehicles. It’s not hard to image what happened after.

No drivers were seriously injured but pretty much every car ended up with a significant amount of damage. The damage total? Well over $1 million. Take a look at the video below showing the aftermath of the wreck. It’s like a car wreck where you just can’t look awa….oh….too soon?

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