This Is What Happens When Your Car Becomes A Beehive

By | April 18, 2012

Car covered in bees

That picture above is a Chevy Cobalt SS in Tooele, Utah covered in thousands of bees. Don’t worry, there will be no lame Bumblebee jokes in the content ahead.

So, just how does something like this happen? According to good ol’ KSL, a local beekeeper is guessing that a queen bee from a local hive landed on the bright yellow Cobalt. And where the queen goes, the hive goes, resulting in a car that was swarming with bees Monday afternoon.

That same beekeeper was on scene to help clear up the situation like only a professional beekeeper knows how: brushing the bees off the car with an ice scraper into a box while wearing no protective gear, proving once and for all that beekeepers are bat-shit crazy. Later he explained that once the queen bee was in the box the rest of the hive would follow, just like they did earlier with the Cobalt.

In other news, everyone here is blown away that Tooele, Utah made automotive headlines for anything that wasn’t related to the Miller Motorsports Park….

Bill Clinton Meme

[Source: KSL]

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Araav on January 11, 2018 at 4:45 am.

Wow. why they got on the car

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