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Will Stadtman on April 8, 2016 at 7:53 am.


My name is Will Stadtman and I am the editor for UnboxingDeals (Tech and Deals Blog)

I am sending you this message to give you a heads up about an article your readers will get a lot of value out of.

It’s called “The Most Interesting Things You Need To Know About Amazon”

Published here: http://www.unboxingdeals.com/amazon-infographic/

If you have a moment, check it out, its a great fit for the website and im confident it will do great!

The Embed code is located under the infographic for an easy copy and paste!

PS: I’d be happy to write a unique description to tailor the infographic to your website to give your readers maximum value.

Thanks for taking a look! Hope it was of interest to you!

Best Regards,
Will Stadtman

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