Top Gear America Premieres Nov. 21…In The World

By | October 22, 2010

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Top Gear AmericaUnrelated Clarkson quote in the title aside, we’ve finally got a premiere date for Top Gear America! Come November 21st, the American recreation of the most popular BBC TV show…in the world (sorry, I just had to use it once correctly)…will be making its History Channel debut and attempt to reach the bar that has been set so high by the original Top Gear.

As a refresher, the three hosts for the show, arguably the most critical element to Top Gear America’s potential success, are as follows:

Top Gear America Hosts

  1. Tanner Foust (left): Professional rally driver and drifter (as in cars, not bums) and all around nice looking chap. We think Tanner will take on a role similar to that of Richard Hammond, being the “nice” one that is always made to do the physical part of challenges.
  2. Adam Ferrera (center): Comedian and actor in the FX series, Rescue Me. Adam could potentially try and fill the Clarkson role as being the overly sarcastic and witty (and offensive) host, but let’s face it- no one will ever compare.
  3. Rutledge Wood (right): Racing analyst for the Speed Channel. While we haven’t really seen much of him in the past, Mr. Wood screams James May junior to us- a bit quirky and somewhat mysterious but outspoken when the camera gives him enough time.

Of course, Top Gear America could, and probably will, try to drop any efforts to make these U.S. hosts similar to their BBC counterparts. That would be a smart move. Most people, Daily Derbi crew included, agree that BBC Top Gear will always be king of television and that the American adaptation will always be just the second best show….in the world (last time for good measure).

Watch the new Top Gear America trailer below and let us know what you think!

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