Top Gear America To Use Kia Rio For Reasonably-Priced Car

By | September 15, 2010

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2010 Kia RioWith the debut of Top Gear America growing ever closer, we keep getting tidbits of information to remind us that yes, it really is happening. And according to Jalopnik we can now expect to see the “Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car”  segment carried over to the Yankee version of the British television hit. So what lucky car is bestowed the title of “reasonably-priced”? It’s none other than the Kia Rio, a car which tips the budget scales at $12,390 for a stripped out base model (hey, it saves weight, right?).

Additionally, Top Gear America’s host channel, The History Channel, and BBC have both confirmed that the Rio is in the running but that nothing is set in stone and other cars are still being considered.

The problem we see with the Kia Rio is that “reasonably-priced” becomes slightly misleading. We doubt that the Top Gear America marketing department would opt for a more truthful slogan like “Star In America’s Cheapest Foreign Import”. We say American-ize Top Gear America and swap the Rio for something a bit more exciting like  the most excellent Ford Fiesta or a Mazda2.

But whatever. We really couldn’t care less about the car as long as we get our fill of celebrities and politicians showing off their racing “skills”. Or if Jennifer Aniston is the star.

[Chad Waite, Jalopnik]

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