Toyota FT-86 II Shows Some Pre-Show Skin

By | March 1, 2011

Toyota FT-86 II

The Geneva Auto Show officially starts today, but that didn’t stop Toyota from getting a bit of pre-show attention before hand. No, it wasn’t the debut of yet another boring Camry or RAV4 but the company’s newest attempt at a very hot sports coupe. Yup, we’re talking about the FT-86 II.

You’ll remember the original¬†FT-86 in posts spanning back a year and a half. In 2009 Toyota revealed this concept ¬†that was being jointly produced with Subaru, claiming it was their ticket back into the sport coupes category, better known internally as the ‘this goes against everything our dependable, mid-sized, mid-aged sedans stand for’ category.

The FT-86 II builds on the original concept, but we don’t really know much else besides that. This small snapshot, however, shows drilled rotors and a very aggressive front fascia including a carbon fiber splitter and Audi-esk LED eyeliner. Despite the fact that this car will be revealed in full very soon, we like to speculate and think that the FT-86 II will be a more aggressive and performance-oriented version of Toyota’s coupe we already love so much.

Toyota FT-86 II

[Chad Waite, FT86club]

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