Video: When 200-Tons Of Locomotive Drops 20 Feet

By | November 7, 2012

Locomotive Train Dropped 20 Feet

The guys over at Jalopnik discovered this crazy video of a 200-ton locomotive dropping 20 feet after a support cable used to unload the train from a ship snapped. The train was a brand new American-made Downer EDI Rail GT46C ACe, which, in train speak, translates to “expensive new diesel-electric locomotive that shouldn’t be dropped”.

According to Jalopnik, this video was filmed in Owendo, Gabon, (Central West Africa) as the train was being lifted from the ship it came over from the states on to the local port docks. Lutherkb, the YouTube user who uploaded the video, claims that the frame is most definitely bent which essentially makes the rest of the train scrap metal.

The video clearly shows the hoist rigging snapping out from under the 400,000 pound payload, which begs the question: who is responsible and who pays the bill? At an estimated cost of between $1.3-$1.5 million for your average brand new locomotive, we’re hoping that thing was insure before it took the plunge. And if you thought car insurance was expensive….

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