Tuning Gone Wrong: Double Shot Edition

By | June 10, 2011

The Smart ForTwo has been at the receiving end of Daily Derbi criticism for a long, long time, and rightly so. Shaving Cee Lo Green’s underarms after a five mile run in August is more appealing than having to get behind the wheel of a ForTwo and go anywhere. It’s a terrible drive and instantly turns anyone who has bought one into the type of person who vehemently insists that the soy milk in their Starbucks latte was shipped in packaging made entirely of recyclable materials from a fair trade organization as to help developing countries while drinking their morning coffee. So, even though this horse may be long dead, we’re going to keep kicking with yet another example of how to make an awful, egotistical car even worse.

Zebra Smart Car
Don’t care about Zebras or recyclable soy milk packaging? Then we have the antithesis of the Smart ForTwo, the Hummer H2. With a gas tank that’s literally the size of a Smart Car and with half the range, the H2 is the complete automotive embodiment of what it means to be a man with big, hairy genitalia and a salaried position at APX Alarm. That is unless your H2 has a license plate that says “STNDOUT” and looks like this:

Pink Hummer H2

Hat tip to D. Till’s mom and Nat for the pictures! Of course, if you see any vehicles where the tuning has gone wrong, snap a picture and let us know!

[Chad Waite]

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