Tuning Gone Wrong: New Running Board Edition

By | May 19, 2011

tuning gone wrong: tree branch running board

We haven’t done a tuning gone wrong for a while, so we thought we’d put this little gem up here.

The running board broke on the truck – we get that. The driver understood that it needed to be replaced on a truck that’s big enough to need it as an extra step in. The part of the execution that we don’t get is the replacing it with a tree branch.

Our guess is it’s just a temporary fix. Pretty soon, the owner will paint the log to match the Dodge truck. Actually, judging by the amount of wear on the tree branch where you’d use it to step in, it looks like a permanent fixture.

How surprised would you be to hear that the owner wears a plaid vest and has his own moonshine still in the back yard?

[AJ Wilcox | Failblog]

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