Tuning Gone Wrong: Outrageous Car, Outrageous Color

By | February 4, 2012

Celtic Green Lexus LFA

Written by Chance Hales

Do you remember the Lexus LFA?  It is, in my opinion, one of the best looking and sounding super cars in the world.  One of the perks in ordering a $350K+ car is the option to pick whatever color you want as the Qatari Royal Family often does with their cars.

Regardless of taste or tact, some customers pick colors that have a  love ‘em or hate ‘em vibe.  This LFA, number 250 of 500, was ordered in Celtic FC Green.  I thought I liked it at first but now I think its downright ugly!  Whether its the body color or the yellow brake calipers I’m not sure, but this is one way to effectively ruin your formerly awesome super car.  Feel free to leave your remarks about this color below.

[Source: CarBuzz]

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