Utah Autorama Car Show Highlight: Ferrari Enzo

By | April 21, 2011

Richard Losee's Twin Turbo Ferrari Enzo

We know we’ve already covered Autorama 2011, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show pictures of the hottest car there. You should have been there if you like world-famous tuner cars.

Do you happen to remember the exclusive story we broke about Richard Losee’s Twin Turbo Ferrari Enzo going for the high-speed record on our very own Bonneville Salt Flats? Well, guess who made an appearance at Autorama!

That’s right, if you attended the show, you got to see the high-speed-ready Enzo in the flesh – replete with nose fitting, and specialty low-resistance tires – in the flesh. 238MPH out of an 850hp blown Enzo – now that was a sight to behold.

Richard Losee’s mechanic was there to talk to us, and showed us some love in the engine compartment. This is one mean prancing horse!

twin turbo ferrari enzo autorama 2011

Richard – we salute you! Thanks for bringing your ridiculous historic car for us to lust after enjoy!

[AJ Wilcox]

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