Utah Event: Drive Away Hunger

By | October 17, 2010

Drive Away HungerHere at the Daily Derbi, we love the chance to help out where it’s needed. Be it a charity or a family in need or whatever- if we can tie it in to the world of motorsports, we’ll do our darndest to help. Looks like we’re not alone.

This Saturday (October 23rd) Miller Motorsports Park is hosting their “Drive Away Hunger” event. It may sound a bit vague but it’s actually pretty self-explanatory: come to the track, donate seven non-perishable food items, and drive around said track three times for free! Not a bad deal. Want more track time after? Buy three more full laps for just $20, all of which goes to the Tooele Foodbank.

The top three food donors will receive merchandise and tickets to upcoming events. Not a bad gig eh? See the Miller Motorsports Park Facebook page for full details.

What: Drive Away Hunger

When: Saturday, October 23rd

Price: Free- Just donate seven non-perishable food items. 3 extra laps is $20.

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AJ on October 18, 2010 at 2:14 am.

That’s the chance of a lifetime! Now, to find out what non perishable means…

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