Utah Events: World of Speed at The Bonneville Salt Flats

By | September 6, 2012

BYU Electric Blue Streamliner is a world record holding electric car weighing less than 1100lbs

**Editor’s note: The full WOS schedule can be found here**

This weekend is the World of Speed held at the Bonneville Salt Flats.  Its very much the same thing as SpeedWeek held in August.  The fastest of the fastest cars will be present all trying to set speed records in their respected classes.  Cars of all sorts can be seen on the salt from Rat Rods to Streamliners.  Even a few diesel trucks have been seen trying to set records.  One of our favorites is Richard Losee’s Ferrari Enzo.

Entrance for spectators is free and there is a fee to enter you own car.  Any car can participate as long as they pass the very strict safety inspection that can last up to three hours were the sanctioning organization’s inspectors look over every nut, bolt, and steel tube all the way to the fire system and safety restraints.

As I said above you can expect to see fast cars there.  Many going over 200mph.  If you think the Veyron Supersports is fast then you haven’t seen these cars.  Take Speed Demon for example.  They built themselves a streamliner(a typically long, low, and very aerodynamic car) and put a 2200hp twin turbo 347ci V8 in it.  They are extremely close to setting the land speed record for an internal combustion engine.  The current record is 458.444mph.  The boys of Speed Demon have set a avg speed 458.189mph a with an exit speed of 462 mph!  So why don’t they hold the record?  To set a record the car must first break the record in what is called a flying mile.  A flying mile is a timed mile, at speed, and then recorded as an average speed.  The the car is impounded over night and has to repeat the speed the next day where the two speeds are averaged and you get your record, if and only if the average is higher than the previous record.  You should note that you only have to break the previous record by .001 mph.  Speed Demon was unable to repeat the speed last year.  You can see that run below.

The car you see above is another streamliner.  It was built locally by BYU engineering students and weighs less than 1100lbs.  It is battery powered and currently hold a record in its class of 155mph.  I will be going with this team and following them in their quest to break 200mph.  The car has previously gone 182 mph but rolled on its first record attempt three years ago.

In the video below of Speed Demon’s 458mph run pay attention to the orange markers on the track; the small ones are quarter mile markers and the big, easier to see ones are mile markers.

For more info on the event click here


Steph K on September 8, 2012 at 8:51 pm.

I believe regular spectator day passes are $20 (or $40 for the event) but that does get you into the pits.

Chance Hales on September 9, 2012 at 12:59 am.

Steph, you are right. I was out there today and that’s what the signs indicated. I may have confused it with SpeedWeek but I thought I remembered specatating being free but pit passes you had to pay for. I stand corrected. I apologize for misleading informantion.

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