Utah Motorsport Campus signs one year agreement

By | January 8, 2016

Miller Motorsports Park

Miller Motorsports Park

Some of you may of heard that Miller Motorsports Park closed it’s doors last October 31st after nearly 10 years of operation and handed the keys to Tooele County in Utah. Indeed a sad day. The silver lining on the horizon was the sell of the facility to Mitime Utah Investment, LLC and it was to be renamed to Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC). Mitime had publicly disclosed some ambitious, and welcomed, plans for UMC, with Mitime taking ownership of the park on January 1st, 2016.

Unfortunately, December saw the conclusion of a lawsuit which basically nullified the sale of the park to Mitime Utah Investment.

With the Tooele County having to restart the bidding process again, the question became, what would happen to the track in the mean time?

Today comes the answer. The quick version: Mitime has signed a one year management agreement to run the park for the 2016 season. The county and Mitime can terminate the deal with 60 days’ notice. Once the sale of the facility is complete, agreement will terminate.

This also means that racing will return to the MMP/UMC for the 2016 racing season!

Copies of the press release from UMC and Tooele County.

[photo | mike gillilan]

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