Utahan Wins Lamborghini, Crashes It Several Hours Later

By | December 20, 2011

Utah Lambo Crash

Ah, what a crux excessive horsepower really is. For the many of us who have spent the majority of our lives behind the wheel of Civics and Camrys and other mass-produced sedans that don’t even come close to eclipsing the 200-horsepower mark, a 640-horsepower Italian V12 may be a small adjustment.

Such was the case with David Dopp, a father of six from Santaquin, Utah, who was the lucky winner of the Joe Schmo Lamborghini Murciélago giveaway sponsored by Mavrick gas stations and teamgive.org. Saturday morning, Dopp was given the keys to the vehicles and naturally plenty of neighbor ride-alongs followed.

During one ride-along several hours after getting into the car for the first time (and most likely a boost in driving ability confidence), Dopp lost control of the Lambo, hopping a curb and planting the car in an embankment a full 75 feet from the road. Damage estimates remain to be seen, but Dopp was smart enough to have full coverage on the vehicle. Neither Dopp nor the passenger were hurt.

Officials say the accident was speed related (surprised?), although Dopp insists he hit a patch of black ice or gravel. At least he’s not blaming the Pelican

[Instaquin via Autoblog]


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